zondag 12 april 2009

Leve outlook 2007

Office 2003 is in Extended Support

"Mainstream Support" for Office 2003 expires this month. This means customers can't call Microsoft for assistance with Office 2003 problems for non-security issues or to request feature changes. Support for problems which do not affect security is available to corporations who are willing to pay for support contracts.
For the next five years, Outlook 2003 is in "Extended Support". During this period Microsoft will release security updates for Office 2003 as needed and refresh the junk-mail definitions for Outlook.
What does this mean for most people? It means nothing, as in it's not going to affect them or change their behavior, as long as the junk mail updates keep coming. Most of the bugs in Outlook 2003 are either fixed or known but not going to be fixed. Most people don't call Microsoft for support, they use google and visit websites such as www.slipstick.com and www.outlook-tips.net, or ask questions in the Outlook newsgroups at msnews.microsoft.com when they need support for Outlook. 

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